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Compliance Policy Statement

Welcome to the official website of BB Truck Inc ( (hereinafter referred to as this website). In order to allow you to use the services and information of this website with peace of mind, we hereby explain to you the privacy rights of this website. Protection policy to protect your rights and interests, please read the following carefully:

  1. Overview

    BBTruck firmly opposes all forms of corruption and embezzlement. We firmly believe that integrity, transparency and fair competition are the cornerstones of a healthy corporate culture, so we are committed to fully complying with anti-corruption laws and regulations and actively promoting honest, transparent and ethical standards of conduct. In the process of business activities, corrupt behaviors such as bribery and unjust enrichment will affect the fairness and sustainable development of society. Therefore, "integrity" is one of our core values. We hope to face everything with sincerity and be honest and fair. Act in a responsible manner and continue to be a trustworthy presence.

  2. Code of Conduct

    All personnel associated with the Company shall abide by the following code of conduct:
    (1) Integrity and transparency: You shall not engage in any behavior that may harm the interests of the company or be dishonest. All transactions and business activities should be transparent and legal.
    (2) Comply with legal requirements: All actions must comply with local and international anti-corruption laws and regulations. We will actively cooperate to ensure that all business activities comply with relevant legal requirements.
    (3) Reporting and Compliance Channels: The Company encourages any employees and relevant parties to report through appropriate channels when they discover any behavior that may violate this policy or the law. The Company will provide mechanisms to protect whistleblowers and ensure that they are not punished or retaliated for reporting wrongdoing.

  3. Prohibited Behaviors

    BBTruck prohibits giving, providing, accepting bribes or providing benefits directly or indirectly in Taiwan or overseas. Examples are as follows:
    (1) It is strictly prohibited to offer, solicit or accept bribes, kickbacks or illegal payments in any form, including but not limited to cash, gifts, travel, entertainment or other benefits of value.
    (2) It is strictly prohibited to bribe or provide benefits to public officials or persons with equivalent positions in the countries or regions where business activities are conducted.
    (3) Bribing or providing benefits to civilians is strictly prohibited.
    (4) It is strictly prohibited to ask for unfair bribes or benefits in business activities.
    (5) It is strictly prohibited to interact with or even establish business relationships with anti-social forces.

  4. Proper Accounting

    BBTruck complies with applicable accounting laws and standards, conducts appropriate accounting treatments under an appropriate internal control system, conducts transparent accounting reporting and management, and retains records in order to confirm and objectively prove the absence of improper behavior.

  5. Regarding illegal behaviors

    BBTruck takes a strict stance against corruption and if officers or employees violate this policy or any applicable anti-corruption laws, we will deal with them in accordance with our internal regulations. In addition, if a business partner engages in corrupt behavior, we will conduct a review, including suspending transactions with the business partner. Any violation of this policy will be taken seriously.

  6. Management monitoring system

    BBTruck strives to operate the Chief Operating Officer's Office, which serves as an internal reporting window, in a fair and impartial manner and establishes a system to detect and monitor acts of corruption or acts that lead to corruption early and appropriately.

Through the above policies, BBTruck has established a clear anti-corruption and anti-corruption commitment. We look forward to the active participation of all relevant parties to jointly maintain an honest, fair and transparent corporate environment.