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Supply chain logistics experts
BBTruck is a Taiwan-based global smart logistics management technology company that offers the solution for 5PL supply chain logistics management for B2B customers.
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Efficient logistics management
We provide AI END-TO-END supply chain solution with multiple logistic services for production planning, distribution and transport planning and demand planning.
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We value our planet
BBTruck has passed the ISO 14067 carbon footprint verification. Through data-based and cloud-based transportation capacity analysis, we can effectively reduce empty trips, establish carbon-neutral transportation services  and develop a more friendly environment.
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star icon Micro capacity management system
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Know the location of goods in real time, schedule transportation capacity allocation effortlessly, and accept consignment needs in a snap. WTMS is your best choice for embarking on the cloud. Freight operators and logistics fleets can use WTMS to deliver goods, real-time vehicle positioning, temperature monitoring, and transportation and account management. No need for car machines and SIM cards, asset-light digital transformation is easy to implement.
star icon Cross-border e-commerce and international logistics carrier management system
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Using multiple international logistics carriers to consolidate exports/imports and reduce freight costs directly. Reverse logistics services help e-commerce businesses provide broader and more efficient services. Through the open API interface engine, it provides e-commerce merchants and enterprises with direct connection to the system, making it easy to automatically place orders, pick up and deliver goods.
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Through BBTruck, you can instantly obtain Scope 3 carbon emissions from external logistics providers as your order is completed!There’s no need to wait for data, continuous reporting is available in no time!
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