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BBTruck Solution
We solve logistics challenges in the supply chain through technological integration and break information barriers among logistics providers, achieving efficient management of the supply chain.
Why is logistics management needed?
An inefficient supply chain will lead to a heavier workload, for example:
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Scattered transportation capacity
It is necessary to use several different logistics providers to meet the different needs of first-mile logistics, middle-mile logistics, last-mile logistics and cross-border logistics, and the methods of ordering, tracking and reconciliation are all different.
Information out of sync leads to reduced efficiency
Facing different logistics suppliers, if the freight information cannot be integrated in a timely manner, it reduces the efficiency of supply chain management and cannot proactively schedule, arrange production lines and shipments.
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Time-consuming manual work and heavy workload
Due to the lack of an information integrated platform, traditional order-taking processes such as placing orders by phone, writing down requirements by hand, and manually arranging freight routes make First Mile Logistics lack shipping efficiency.
High empty traffic rate due to opaque information
Without a transparent platform for information between enterprises and logistics operators, as much as 75% of the return journey of freight is empty, which means the transportation energy of logistics operators on the return trip will be wasted.
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BBTruck solution
We eliminate the information asymmetry between freight operators and customers,
increasing cargo loading efficiency by 75%.
one-stop easy management.
We integrate and schedule different transport capacities, compatible with the structure of multiple carriers and dealers. Customers can place orders in one stop, saving time in finding transport capacity, tracking logistics status, processing shipping documents and reconciliation.
greater capacity and freer dispatch.
Through precise transportation capacity allocation, we can help you effectively utilize the transportation capacity of trucks during idle periods and provide more flexible transportation capacity services. The careers of logistics practitioners will change in a more positive direction.
real-time shipment status.
The convenient API integration interface allows logistics data to be seamlessly integrated with various systems, allowing cargo status information to be transmitted to every corner in real time.
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Experience rapid business growth
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Logistics drivers
Greater capacity and freer dispatch.
Enterprise customers
Multiple services, one-stop easy management.